Business Card for: 925 Stationary

Award winning entry for ADCMW Real Show. 925 Furniture logo and stationary set.


“The real show is the Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington’s annual competition giving college students the opportunity to solve real life communication design problems. Student pieces are judged by a panel of designers and the winning pieces are displayed in the Art Institute of Washington.”


Concept: 925 Furniture is a starting-up company who produces easy to assemble hardwood furniture. They were in need of a logo and stationary set that would reflect the company’s products.


Design: This stationary set reflects the modularity and convenience of the 925 Furniture line. The logo itself breaks apart into 3 modular building blocks. With these pieces, a countless amount of arrangements and structures can be built. The cards, printed on balsa wood, can be used to showcase the variety of stains and finishes that are offered. Throughout the stationary set, there are diagrams illustrating how to arrange and rearrange the 925 logo blocks.

Designed by: Justin Colt

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