Business Card for: Adeline Chong

Namecards were the first step in my plan to start updating my personal brand and portfolio. I bought A4 grey cards from Fancy Paper, cut them to size by hand and edge painted them with neon red paint. Each card is hand-stamped with custom rubber stamps on both the front and back. The result was a block of cards that are – quite literally – a little rough around the edges. The grey card’s texture causes the stamped ink to look distressed, and the red edges are slightly frayed. I love the personality of it, it’s very accurate to who I am.
I wanted something that I could give to people when I travel – other designers, friends and general acquaintances. Inspired by another project that I was working on, the ‘field notes’ section is a blank space where I can – hopefully – write about my memorable experience with the person I met. I also left an extra line on the front of the card for an alternate contact method (foreign mobile number/Facebook url etc), depending on the circumstances of our encounter.
The result is a multi-purpose set of namecards for wannabe nomad designer.


Printed in Singapore. Rubber stamps made at Advance Rubber Stamp Maker.
Grey card (Fancy Paper)

Designed by: Adeline Chong

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