Business Card for: Ana Canedo

My business card was produced in the University of Aveiro, Portugal, to enter the challenge of the competition D & AD Student Awards 2012 | Make Your Mark, but also to do something that I identify and I introduce in the market in two months when you have finished my course design .


To draw this card I picked up influences a rubik cube, because what it represents to me and what I want to show as a designer, that is, plurality, logic, communication, mystery, can be a simple but mechanically complex and must play their part.
With these key concepts that I want to enter the market, I try to show that the simplicity and structure the most, in my drawings.


This subject is designed to be self business card, but also has as an end product is a novelty which I try to express what I am, in this case show from a game.


It is a 3×3x3 cube, all black plastic, no buttons, where on each side there is a concept written in white: Poster, Minimal, Design, Design, Function and Product.
The base card is white, with phrases and contacts, printed vinyl, and also serves as the product packaging.


The cube and the base function as a single, related phrases and concepts, as I am, what I think, what I do and what I as a designer.


The cube when issued, would ready to play. With the cube would an A3 poster.
I do not have price for production, because as I said before, this is still in the prototype stage, because it was initially designed around competition.

Designed by: Ana Canedo

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