Business Card for: Ana Carolina Almeida

First, I believe the business card is very important for everyone, not just designers. It’s a form where you are expressing yourself with forms and colors, and you are using that card as a reminder for someone. You are giving the card, that is a your expression, to remind that you are ready for that job if someone needs you. It’s self expression adapted into something more professional.
What inspired me, besides my thoughts of what the business card means to me, were geometric forms. I believe that geometric forms can express what, sometimes, words can’t. And what I think it’s fun about them, it’s that they can be confusing or very clear, so even with confusion you can express something.


I thought I’d print them on luster paper, because it’s something of a middle ground between the glossy and matte paper. Luster it’s still shiny enough so it’s good for color rendition, and it’s practical to read and handle, and the I thought a thickness of about 300 gms/12 point would be sufficient. It would be printed on both sides. An inkjet printer or professional printer would be my preferences to print this card, because I believe the laser printer isn’t the best suited for glossy papers. But, I have been considering printing on matte paper with glossi signature finish.


As for the production cost, I made a research about some places before I decided where I would print them, so I could find the best price, but that would offer me good quality, of course. It was difficult to trust, and I had to test the top 3 of my list, but I found the perfect place and now I know where I can print them. I still had to print them though, and that’s why I don’t have any pictures yet. Since I live in Brazil, one card costs me R$ 4 (which is about $15).

Designed by: Ana Carolina Almeida

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