Business Card for: Anastasiya Palladino

This is personal card for my old friend – Anastasiya Palladino. She is so interesting and many-angled (she is a model, a designer, a chineese translator and more and more…) so i created the form – monogram AP, but not consistant (not solid) but dynamic

I made 2 versions with 2 different elements which fulfill the monogram – flower elements and dots (brilliants)

The main idea – monogram consisted of flower elements and fillings of skin, when you touching the card + non usual size (near square)

Special paper, called Touch Cream. When you touch this amazing paper, it is looks like skin, very sensitive
Than embossing ornaments in monogram

Printed in Ukraine, good quality, very cheap (20$ for 100 peaces)

Designed by: Victor Konovalov

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