Business Card for: Andreas Norberg

They are made by hand from a sheet of dyed through raw black cardboard I found in Falsbenets workshop (a bookbinders association that I’m a member of). Unfortunately it was the last sheet of that specific material and I haven’t been able to find any supplier that sells carboard in that kind of quality.

I decided to blind emboss the cards to accentuate the roughness of the material’s texture and structure, and combine that with a very simple centered typograhic design set in DIN. I like the synergy effect you get when you take something very rustic and natural and combine that with something engineered and technical. 1+1=3 and so on.

It’s hard to specify a production cost since it did them by hand for my own company, but the production cost of the magnesium embossing block was about 100USD. And IF you could find a supplier that sells this sort of cardboard I would guess that the price would be at least 5-6 times the cost of regular book production cardboard, but that’s only a guess.

You can see and read more about the cards here:

Designed by: Andreas Norberg

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