Business Card for: Anne Lessmeister

Is really hard to get attention for acting jobs as there are much more actors than vacancies. Getting the attention is a key to open new doors. Actors have no many elements to achieve this. When actress Anne Lessmeister asked us to do for her the website and the business cards we knew the business card was the key for her identity. We though on a business card that wouldn’t be throw away, a business card you would keep.


She didn’t need a big amount of business cards as she were a big institution. Intead of thousends of cards that would never be used she needed about one hundred per year. So we thought in a way we could self produce an unique business card that could help her to stand up (see the video). The business cards were produced in our own studio with a normal printer and three sides, two paper sides and a transparent paperfilm side that comes in the middle with the photo. The productions costs were low in terms of materials, but not in terms of time.


In a formal way, we are passionate about acting, when you watch a movie or a teather is like being seeing the lifes of other people through a spyhole. We took photos of her in a way that defines main elements of acting, hands, feet, soul, face. We also did a video to create small pieces of animated gifs with same motiv for the website. Like all black and white movies, pure acting. The idea came also from the fact that Anne loves these photo booths, she takes photos of herself doing small performances.

Designed by: perezramerstorfer

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