Business Card for: Ashley Anastasia

My business card is meant to intrigue potential clients for my freelance business - Avid Creative, even if it just to have them contact me for the answer of the puzzle.
It’s a great way to network, and an excellent conversation starter.


I love producing graphic design projects with a hand made touch, it’s like having old world/hands on ways combined with new world technologies. Not to mention the puzzle aspect resembles a problem looking for a solution.
Although time consuming being that it is hand made (which is the base of my marketing as a freelancer), I feel they are much more appreciated this way.


Time they take about half an hour to make each. Cost of materials; velum is about a dollar for a 11×17 fitting about 8 of them on a page and a grommet is about 10 cents and string with end pieces is about 20 cents - so it is pretty cost effective, it is more the time to make them that costs the most.

Designed by: Ashley Anastasia

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