Business Card for: Baukooperative

The ‘Baukooperative’ emerged out of the co-operation of the architect Michael Karasek and the two master-builders Siegfried Größbacher and Thomas Trippl. Usually, the customer seeks to outline his or her ideas already at the first meeting with the company. This is, however, often not possible due to the simple lack of a paper to write on. Therefore, the business cards contain a folded sheet of paper as a remedy to prevent this problem.


Looking at the ‘oo’ in the company name ‘Baukooperative’, I realized that these two letters are perfect for visualizing the merger of the three managing directors.


Printed at: gugler GmbH, Auf der Schön 2, 3390 Melk, Austria
Materials: Curious Touch Arches Veloures Premium Paper, 250 g/m2
Production costs: € 1,53/piece

Designed by: DEMONSTRATIVE, Vienna

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