Business Card for: Black Rooster

What is most inspiring about Black Rooster are the boys themselves. We came to meet one of them all suited up, but when we got to know them we found the suits were just for show. They had very fresh and ambitious ideas.


What we wanted to show was their fresh and ambitious sides as well as their corporate side. We wanted a business card they could put on the table like a little namesign but with a little naughty wink at business in general.


They were printed by Dijkgraaf-Rijsdorp ( ), who do a lot of printing for us. Material is 250 grams ‘HV White Natural’.


Black Rooster:”We are a Dutch company developing and designing web and mobile applications. We wanted to stand out with our identity, and we just ran into the idea of using a mascotte. We wanted a combination
of a nice small animal with a tough edge. So we let the idea rest for a little while. Then one day I was mountainbiking and I came along a small yard with some large chickens, and … a little black, a little too fat, Rooster. He was trying to impress the larger chickens, but they gave him no worthy attention.


The idea was born and settled; it had to be a little black rooster.
We are getting many compliments on our company identity; we used it on our wall, in our mailfooter, on our website, and… on our businesscards :-)”

Designed by: Dennis en Chiel

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