Business Card for: Boardinker

My cards are laser etched on wood with a special coat that allows for the details to show up better on small surfaces.


I originally coined the term board-inker because I did a lot of works on skateboards and planks of wood. I always wanted to have a card that reflected my relationship with wood.


I was lucky enough to work with Andrew of Pure Black inc. on a few projects and I proposed to him I wanted to make some wooded beer nickels / pogs for some business cards. he and I have been fine tuning them to get some pretty awesome results.


I printed them with andrew of


We have used woods like cherry, maple, and oak for different results to get the desired effects.


The cost depends on the size and material used, hes really great about keeping quality up and finding ways to keep the cost down for the customers.



Designed by: James Dormer Schneider
Printed by: Pure Black inc.

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