Business Card for: Bottomless Paddling

My next lot of business cards as the last ones ran out and are lots of work to make for something that essentially matters nothing to most everyone so I decided to go with something that’s easy to make but still has the handmade effect


Yeah, the last business cards were cool and popular with the stall visitors, but they were a lot of work! These are new ones that are easy to make, but still require the handmade effort. Typed with my Lettera 32 on one side and stamped with my Flickr address on the other.
The left is the making of and the right is the back of the finished. Although it has to be typed by hand every single time I find it not that bad, and it’s better than something that someone just prints off without a care. The paper is just a receipt roll from a normal stationary shop.


first card: ttp://

Designed by: Bottomless Paddling

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