Business Card for: Bracket

The business card looks deceivingly empty until pushed open to reveal a bracket that frames the information.

“Recently, I started thinking what kind of work I would like to be remembered for.

I found out that I would like my work to be more human, whilst still being modest in it’s presentation.

Bracket is conceived as a publication that features content that is everything in between
- ideas, processes and voices that are overlooked and under-appreciated.

The business card looks deceivingly empty however when pushed open by pressing on the top and bottom of the card, it reveals the content. The edge of the card then forms a bracket that frames the contact information between it.

Human relationships are difficult, one has to put effort and time into building them.

The business card for Bracket requires effort and time, before the information is revealed, similar to the human relationship.

324gsm Neenah Laid, Duplex Natural
White/Pepper Moss

printed at Kai Lian Printing, Singapore”

Designed by: Silnt

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