Business Card for: Brigitte La

Graduating, I was in need of business cards, within a short timeframe. I think many people will agree, designing your own brand or designing for yourself is quite the quest. Instead of putting so much pressure on myself, I decided to think about it differently and have fun and created bright, playful patterns and motifs whenever I had a little free time.


Knowing that I would go through a printing service (, I wanted to see how far their printing capabilities could go. What if I don’t print something that is 1-color or 2-color? How bright will their prints be? How will it look it my color palette is all over the place? Those were questions I asked myself, which allowed me to go wild and have fun with these cards.


The cards are printed through’s business card service, taking advantage of their printfinity (capability to printing multiple designs).

Designed by: Brigitte La

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