Business Card for: CK KOO

Fashion stylist CK KOO wanted a namecard exhibiting his electic mix of styles and acute sense of fashion.
His namecard is put together by an overlay of four pieces of ransparancies on top of a 250gsm card. The base is
a sithouette of a girl in her undies, with yhe kooky and uber chic illustration designed by


Each transparency depicts fashion apparels from boots to hair accessories and was designed to give
the girl a different look each time it’s slid/layered over. There are 14 variations to be created in total.


This name card siccinctly sums up his professionalism as fashion stylist: an eye for the perfect mixing,
matching and layering.

Designed by: Teoh Sin Eng
  • May 20, 2011

    Excellent idea, I love interactive business cards, this one you can really get stuck into. I like how the business details are all on different slides too so you can have different combinations to reveal the details.. So simple, yet so effective.

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