Business Card for: Corporation Pop

Our ‘cards’ are actually 12mm thick blocks which we have foil-blocked onto in a lovely orange to match our company colour. In a nutshell, we waterjet cut 1200mm x 800mm sheets of the material (with radius corners to soften the edges and make them that bit more user friendly) into the traditional 55mm x 85mm card size, hand washed all 507 of them we got out of the sheets and struck a great deal with a very willing to try anything guy at a foil manufacturing company using his own test blocking press to individually print our personal contact details on there.

The material itself is made from old CDs which have been crushed and then dispersed in a pale blue transparent polycarbonate recycled from blue, cold water drinks containers, the CDs making the shimmering sparkle effect you can see here as fragments have broken up in the process. Regarding the actual foil blocking itself, we went through a few trail tests to whittle down the seven shades of orange available to the perfect one, as the varying shades were affected greatly by the base blue colour reacting with the foil so we had to ensure we got a vibrant enough orange end result.

The water theme throughout was especially apt considering our company name which is a euphemism from the north of England and particularly Lancashire, meaning ‘tap water.’

The feedback so far has been really positive with clients ringing us up to say the cards are proudly standing up on their desk! Not many can lay claim to that ability I’m sure. The one thing that ran through all minds when we were doing this and which we all unanimously agreed on, was that as designers we shouldn’t be prohibited by old models and what is generally accepted as the norm. Surely as designers, we should be pushing the norm and questioning why we conform to the concept that something has to be a certain size and depth and weight and shape, when technology means we no longer interact with material things the way we used to. Now we’re not trying to lay claim to re-inventing the wheel on this one, far from it, we just think that with a bit of research and creativity (and putting up with the odd look of bemusement from the suppliers and production guys you rope in along the way) it’s possible to put something out there that gets a reaction from someone, good or bad, and at least it gets people thinking again, making them stop in their tracks just long enough to put into words what they like about design or conversely arguing to the end about how the stock doesn’t ‘feel’ right for them, or the colours clash, whatever the reason, it’s good to talk (design)!

Designed by: Corporation Pop

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