Business Card for: Craig Anczelowitz

These are 2 layer cards made from laminating 2 Japanese papers from Awagami Factory: 1) extra thin wood veneer with 2) 250gsm Bamboo paper. A 2nd version is made from laminating the of bamboo paper w/ printed cotton fabric
Inspirde by traditional Japanese package design


I have hand stamped these cards with a d.i.y rubber stamp kit using Awagami Factory wood veneer and bamboo papers, cotton fabric and colored rivet


Production costs: about .15 each for 2 papers fabric/paper+ rivet + stamping

Designed by: Craig Anczelowitz
  • March 4, 2012

    [...] 2 Japanese papers laminated made this business card design possible plus an extra thin wood veneer with 350 gsm Bamboo paper. Image: Craig Anczelowitz Source [...]

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