Business Card for: David Deasy

For my business card, I aimed to appeal to the senses with the touch-ability of letterpress, which is imperative since the user must interact with it to reveal the message, that great IDEAS and designer David DEASY are synonymous. A halftone image of myself is also used on the back of the card as an additional memory aid.


The card succeeds in promoting myself as a designer who doesn’t simply make things look pretty, but has the ideas to propel a message further in a memorable way. It is simply a delight to watch a smile emerge on a persons face as they figure out how the card works with an “aha” moment.


Total cost $650.00 includes:
300 cards
Stock: 220lb and 32lb Lettra Fluorescent White
Color: 1 color (black)
Blind emboss
Die cut
halftone photo on back was a barter arrangement

Designed by: David Deasy

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