Business Card for: Dave Seah

The card, assuming it’s the current version, is the culmination of several years of trying to distill what I do into a unique illustration. The pattern on the front with the dots are actually 3 rows of information that are progressively refined; it’s an illustration of what basic graphic design is about. The back of the card, showing the two sets of dots, are about the power of how simple grouping of elements can create powerful relationships, which is a higher level of graphic design thinking. I’d used this once to explain to someone how grouping made a difference, scribbling it on a piece of paper: “this is just three dots…but *this* tells a story.”


I used to print these on my inkjet, but had these done by Overnight Prints in time for a conference. It’s matte coated on both sides on (I think) 100# stock.


On 3rd and 4th images: previous versions of card.

Designed by: Dave Seah

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