Business Card for: Digital_Alpaca

I wanted it to be happy, creative-looking and FUN! Digital_Alpaca is a Creative Digital and Social Media agency and touch of these adjectives should be found in every graphic.

I had an idea about raising the alpaca up in the card, so people wouldn’t just throw the card in the same desk with other 100+ dull cards, but perhaps could keep the cutie on their desks if they wanted to. :)

The card is printed on a paper called Scandia (270 g/m2). It’s a bit softer paper, like alpacas are!, and I wanted the feel of the card to be soft. Although this didn’t happen that well, because I had it done in digital printing (as we all know, it’s cheaper with small amounts), and it squeezes the paper fibers a bit. Maybe in the future I have them printed again in Offset.

Other graphic stuff for Digital_Alpaca can be found from its Flickr stream.

Designed by: Digital Alpaca
  • February 26, 2010

    nice, and happy to see smiling card.
    love the creature

  • February 27, 2010

    Thanks for publishing the card here! Makes me very happy indeed. |=_=|

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