Business Card for: Discovery Gateway

Our business cards needed a redesign in 2010. Our brand had been evolving since we reopened with a new name and logo in 2006, from The Children’s Museum of Utah to Discovery Gateway and then to Discovery Gateway children’s museum. The original cards designed by an outside agency, before we had an inhouse design department, had an intricate and costly diecut, no illustrations of our newly created “DG Kids”, and didn’t include the addition of “children’s museum” to our name.


As the in-house creative team that lives and breaths the Discovery Gateway children’s museum brand every day, we set out to create cards that reflected our mission of being a place for kids to expand their imaginations through play and reflected the playfulness of our interactive exhibits, while being cost-effective for our small organization. We feature each of our four diverse kids and each staff member gets a sampling of the four to use as they wish.


Printed at: Advantage Utah in Salt Lake City


In 2010, we also made the switch to 100% recycled paper content for all marketing and brand communications. Our paper of choice is Mohawk Inkwell
SuperSmooth Eco White.


We pay for 4-color “business card shells” first for the printer to keep on hand and then do 1-color imprints for names/titles as needed for staff. If we print 10K shells, it costs about 8 cents a cards. Name imprints can vary from 5 cents to 50 cents a card depending upon quantity ordered at the time.


Carolyn Crowley
Creative Director
Discovery Gateway children’s museum



Designed by: Carolyn Crowley
Designed by: Discovery Gateway children’s museum

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