Business Card for: DNA Personal Training Studios

The challenge in this project was that someone else had already designed the Logo and brand identity that was well established with DNA’s clientele, and I had to re-invent a card using that identity in order not to lose credibility with the market.
The client was low on marketing budget so I decided to use the business card as a marketing tool. Each personal trainer at the gym got a personalized image with the message reading ‘The choice is yours’ and the card would slide conveying an image of an active person or activity versus lazy or unhealthy images. At the back of each card as well was the personal trainers name and position, and upon sliding, his contact info would appear. This was clearly communicating that it is your choice to be fit or fat, as DNA gets you that personal training you deserve.


The material of the paper was Art matt 300gm and it had a die-cut for a second paper to slip through it and act like a sliding effect to hide or expose the “choice” on one side or the contact information vs the logo on the other side.

Designed by: Yasmin Hakki-Abidi

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