Business Card for: Ducati

The inspiration came as we were sorting through the materials we would use for it. We knew it would obviously have to be red, but what shape shape? It had to created that feeling of desire whenever a Ducati stands next to you.
We thought the place were the Ducati logo is prominently shown would be a great place to start, so we went for the gas tank. We chose to make it as lifelike as possible and to do that, we knew we would require two materials, so in the end, a sandwich card was the decision.
The card was entirely printed or should I say “printed” in our offices. I say “printed”, because the card is entirely laser cut. Absolutely no ink was used in the production of it.
The materials are Red Chromolux for the front and back and Bainbridge all black mounting board.
The total cost of the cards, I cannot say unfortunately. But they were quite pricey, I can say that.

Designed by: b-type design

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