Business Card for: Ebolaindustries

The cards are a visual and material expression of the nature of our agency: ebolaindustries was the first viral agency to appear in Italy, back in 2005 and it’s still the leading unconventional agency in our market. We felt it was time to give unconvetional significance to the way we present ourselves.


Since our start, people of the agency were used to present themselves in business only with pseudonyms (freely inspired by reservoir dogs movie) such as mr white, mr blue, mr orange, etc. Over time we felt the need to add an exra boost of impact to our visual presentation in the real world, by having a business card that would immediately convey the unconventional and viral nature of our approach and business. Thus the lab slides came up as the perfect solution: clinical, secretive, showing but not saying, inviting people to do something with it in order to find out the truth ;)


perspex 2millimeters, laser-engraved names, font size 0.5mm


Designed by: Enfants Terribles
Designed for: Ebolaindustries

Designed by: Ebolaindustries

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