Business Card for: Edward Crawley

Edd (yes we’re close enough to drop Sunday names) is an exciting new artist who came to me with a narrow budget and the tightest of deadlines, looking for business cards that would encompass the three sides to his professional life. As Artistic Director of All Eyes Wide his acclaimed work focusses on creating experimental, immersive, and interactive experiences. Also, Edd is a one-to-one and durational performer. The third string to this busy fellow’s working life is passenger and cargo transport by way of his rickshaw business. As disparate as these three individual elements may seem, they are all key aspects to Edd’s character, and areas he wishes to grow upon in the future. So – how to distil these specific disciplines into a direct visual language? A circle, a square and a triangle? Seeming no more than rudimentary outlines, each one is actually a perfectly deconstructed visual representation of the pursuit they illustrate – an eclipse, a stage, and movement. For production of the cards, I acquired some bright yellow 300gsm Canford Card and ran the concertina-fold design cards through a laser printer, three by three. Then, armed with a scalpel, a metal ruler and a creasing bone, Edd himself trimmed and folded down the finished articles. The result is an unorthodox card, with a disarmingly simple solution, reached within hours of its inception.

Designed by: Gordon Beveridge

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