Business Card for: Emily Wong

A logo design for budding fashion designer-cum-makeup artist Emily Wong, this initial emblem incorporates a dot on the right, which signifies the beauty mark that people recognize her by. An alternative approach to design her business card is reflected by the black-on-black arrangement.


Intending to wrap her identity in a shroud of mystery, the textured black card is subtly emblazoned with black foiled text, so viewers have to turn the card around to see clearly her details. It is also a little tactic to let her logo stand out and give the desired first impression.


The typeface impresses with its stencil and contemporary features, Vacant by Reserves type foundry.


Paper: Heiwa Paper, Gokanshi, Black, 360 gsm
Cost: About 3 HK$
Finishing: Glossy Back foil / Copper foil on logo

Designed by: JKWAN DESIGN

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