Business Card for: Faith Langhans

I basically designed these cards to fit the style and fashion of a hairstylist, alongside the personality of my client. She is a great friend of mine, so she aloud me to get creative with it without being limited to certain professional stereotypes of branding. Obviously Shears are kind of cliche for hair stylist, but my rules are use the first thing that comes to my mind because 90% of the time, that same thing will pop up in someone else mind. So i put my creative touch on the illustrations, and i think it turned out very well with the textures and wood grain. The colors fit perfect for my clients personality. The cards are actually in the process of being printed so i do not have any physical images. But they are being printed on a rough matted paper with rounded edges. It only cost 70 dollars for 200 print. Im very appreciative that you took notice on this project and can’t wait to here back!

Designed by: Jason Halliburton

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