Business Card for: Frank Slangen

My business card contains a link to my ‘E Public Card’ and since this is a service that shows all your social media profiles I wanted to give my card a ‘digital look’. That’s also why my card only contains my URL when it comes to contact-info.
I was inspired by retro 1bit images and old Operating Systems like Mac OS 1. This meant that I had to create an monochrome image in a low resolution. I created pixels that are just big enough to print.
I also designed my own font. Off course this had to be a monospaced font, in this case a modified version of the OSR-F (which is based on the OSR-B of Adrian Frutiger). I put the font in the same low-res quality as the background and the job was done!
I printed the card myself in a limited quantity on 300grams silk paper.

Designed by: Frank Slangen
  • by Jeremy
    November 1, 2010

    Nice grid.

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