Business Card for: George Sharp

I created these cards as I needed cheap, colourful and easily made cards for my Degree show, but ones that also highlighted my interest in screen printing.
The images I used in the overall print came from bits of work that I had done that year at uni, kinda reflecting on my work in my last year.
Once the overall print was applied, the information was digitally printed on the back of the print, then cut down to standard business card size, which gave each card a random crop of the original design. So, every card is an original print.


This was also my inspiration, I wanted an effective way to show a quick overview of my work to any viewers, so they could get an instant feel for what I do.


The cards were hand printed by me at my friends printing press, the Badger Press. ( The information on the reverse was then digitally printed by my local printers (A bunch of guys covered in Pompey tattoos)


The paper weight was 320gsm, on the lovely Snowdon paper. This particular paper has a fantastic texture and really takes the ink well.


I think the overall production cost was about… £15 for 300
£8 for the paper
£4 in leftover inks
aaaand about £3 for the digital printing
The cards are cut by me!

Designed by: George Sharp

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