Business Card for: Grim Guitars

Grim Guitars was a project developed in the discipline of Preliminary Design, Graphic Design course in the IPCA (Instituto Politecnico do Cavado and Ave), in Portugal, directed by teacher Jorge Pereira.


This work aimed to encourage self knowledge and development of a language and its own graphic vocabulary and yet to encourage further field work.


For this project, I had the initiative to turn a hobby from a friend into a brand.


Grim Guitars is a company that develops custom guitars and basses developed and built totally by hand, betting the quality of materials and finishes.


The main goal is developing an identity and structuring the concept of business. The brand needed to change the concept and how to customize the tools in order to reach various audiences and simultaneously meet the needs of each client. To do this, so that each of us has “his” kind of music choice, or “your” personnel style, I decided, together with my client, to explore the intimacy and individuality associated with each points.

Designed by: Luís Oliveira

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