Business Card for: Hoccus Poccus

1) About us and what we do:
We are a team of 4 young Graphic Designers working with Graphic Design, Motion Design and Animation (3D and 2D).
Our website is


2) Our Concept
Hoccus Poccus is a Design & Motion Studio located in the most magic island in the world where a group of talented magic-designers work to surprise you.


3) What inspired us
Circus, Magic, Vintage, Steampunk, mixing everything in an amazing concept to make our target proud of working with us and always surprised with the spectacular result.


4) Features
Business card: the cutting of the card is shaped as a ticket. The information printed in it is about the company, no personal information on it.
Stamp: the stamp contains an image related with the concept and personal information about the contact by individual. This choice decrease our production cost. One type of card for everyone. For each designer we made a unique stamp containing personal information.
Paper: kraft, 200 g/m²

Designed by: Hoccus Poccus

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