Business Card for: Horse dealer

The card is made by our college Laura for her boyfriend Jesus. He is a horse dealer. She was inspired by his affection for horses and made this business card. The idea was to be made on an ecological and very basic material.


The cards where printed in our studio LASERLAB21 in Valencia, Spain. We propose this type of material and how she could make it real by cutting and engraving his name. The engraving and the horse cut was made with our laser machine.
This idea came after we have proposed a new design for the company GOODLIGHT in Valencia. These cards were made in a different cardboard that gives us the possibility to engrave and reveal the white interior of the card.


For the horse business card we asked for 0.30EUR each and she made a minimum of 100. But it depends of the design and for the time needed to engrave and cut.

Designed by: Laserlab21 Valencia

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