Business Card for: Hospital

It’s an university project realized by Laia Biosca, Marta Alvarez y Judit Carrera. The concept was about choosing a business or an institution with very specific graphic codes and then creating an identity going beyond these codes. We chose an hospital and tried to change some of its main features, such as blue and white colors, silence, distance or cold and sad atmosphere without neglecting hygiene. We rely on the proximity, tranquility, peacefulness, warm atmosphere and colorfulness.


The card consists of two parts: the outside, with the hospital name, address and a small window, and a smaller and interior part with the printed logo, a health advice (different on each card) and a section to write the date, time and the specialist. Is a tab that can be removed, and the movement creates a similar effect to an electrocardiogram.


The paper used is about 300g and it’s highly textured, imitating the skin weave.

Designed by: Judit Carrera

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