Business Card for: Hydro74

I always get really bored with the standard business card. To me it is one of those things that get lost in the shuffle and from various events, they are either in a large box or scattered all over my desk. This time, I want to do something different and something that will make a good impact to the client. I don’t want my card to get shuffled to the bottom of the pile, but to stay firm on their desk as a reminder that maybe, just maybe, the next project could be mine. Joking of course, but still, just wanted something to stand myself apart from everyone lese doing what I’m doing.


so this is my new business card. I’m planning on running different designs for each season and making it where it’s something that friends and clients get excited about. Hope you dig it!


*The quarter placed there is to give you size and detail as a reference.

Designed by: Joshua M. Smith

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