Business Card for: Industrious Industries

A job for some friends starting a design/marketing/cake-making business (really, they’ll do whatever). I was approached with a request for a two-color letterpress job by Alan & Adam of Industrious Industries, who have a strong understanding for the value of local resources. I worked with them to get a clear understanding of the feel & specs of the card they wanted, and set off printing an initial run of 100 cards. We used a 300gsm florescent white Crane Lettra paper (100% linen), to achieve a hearty, quality feel while still receiving a slight debossing from the press plate during printing. The logotype was designed & supplied by Alan, who used Outage from Lost Type Co-Op for an industrious but modern feel. We decided to crop the cards to a slightly smaller and squattier aspect ratio to keep a tighter “snap” feel and for added visual effect.


After several hours on the press, here’s the result—a card I’m proud to call a portfolio piece.


I printed the cards myself on an Adana Eight-Five platen letterpress, in the back room of my house in Walla Walla, WA. If anyone else wanted a job done, they could start by viewing my work on the Behance Network and/or at


The card stock we chose is a 300gsm fluorescent white Crane Lettra (100% cotton). The ink is standard for letterpress work, and is a rubber-based press ink.


I don’t publish my breakdown of material cost vs labor cost, but I can tell you that jobs of this size usually come in around the $175-$250 range, highly dependent on number of colors, availability of inks and availability of paper.

Designed by: Kevin Coleman
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  • September 8, 2012

    No chance to see the front of the card? Love me some letterpress!


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