Business Card for: Jae Salavarrieta

This was an project I had done before I graduated to help me better represent myself
in my field while I was looking for work. I tried to capture my personality in
business card the best I could but yet not have it too complex was definitely a challenge for me.


I want to bring life to my name, so I used the letter “J” to make that happen, also add in my love for old vintage design, man-made vehicles, and destruction. So its a mixture to honor the p-40 warhawk and to introduce the viewer a bit of my own eccentric personality.


Printed on 15pt card stock with a Matte Finish
Printed by
[ The had to be manually cut for the curve shape, thanks to some assistance with a couple friends]


My website:
My resume:
[I also tied in the same design to match my resume, and had the instructions to fold it
into a plane on the back side, so the design doesn't intrude on the content]

Designed by: Jae Salavarrieta

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