Business Card for: James Cha

I approached this assignment as a creative self portrait. It was a great opportunity for me to think about my self and better yet, have chance to express my design philosophy. My goal was to overcome the boundary of traditional business card.


It’s my passion to design things that inspires us to challenge our normal perception. It’s the realization and the interaction between the object and human that becomes the enabler.


The two faces on the business card have messages that reflects me as a designer. On the front is says ” I’m addicted to design” and on the back ” Design is an enabler that lives beyond the tangible”. Simply hold the rubber band in both hand and give it a twirl. And a third message is revealed: Creative. This interaction is a representation of my passion to challenge the normal perception.


Every thing was made by hand as you can see from the process page, I’ve rastered the letters on a acrylic using a laser cutter. Then created a two-faced mold that mimics the print press.


it cost about $30.00 to laser cut the acrylic letters. But after that I can make stamp infinite number of card because I own the tooling !

Designed by:
  • June 27, 2013

    One thing that really inspired me lot is, you are offering hand made business cards on cheap price. I can assure that that have express your design philosophy in a very effective, innovative and unique way.

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