Business Card for: Jason Permenter

Lately, the two most interesting concepts for me in design have been texture and scale. I wanted to use this small run of business cards as a perfect forum for both. I enjoy having cards with a particular feel as well as look, so the decision to have crisp, bold, black-and-red lettering on a more rustic paper that weathers a bit with use suited my tastes and design sense perfectly.

The material is a 110 lb. cover uncoated kraft paper. Each card was printed in-house with archival inks and cut by hand from a master sheet to 54 X 15.25 mm. The final aspect ratio of the cards was chosen as a result of the typography, rather than the other way around. Obviously, it’s a very small card but turns out to still be very legible at that size due to the contrast and scale of the text. Since this run of cards was being cut by hand, I felt free not to adhere to any particular set of standards for size or shape. I find that the odd size and feel of these cards makes recipients treat them a little more carefully than they would if the card were more standard.

Designed by: Jason Permenter

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