Business Card for: Jbeans

I presented the JBeans logo for a competition that I didn’t win, then the idea of the business card came to me and I decided to make this prototype despite all.


In case you’re still interested here is something more about it.


The logo concept:
The logo is designed for Jbeans, a Norwegian coffee shop and it aims at being simple and immediate.
The image evokes the idea of the popular beverage and its characteristic aroma.
Another key concept is the idea of variety, which is conveyed by the different shades of brown that stress the wide selection the coffee shop offers, enabling the true connoisseur to choose his favourite blend of coffee.


The business card concept:
From the idea of variety springs the business card concept. The logo itself gives the costumer an idea of “power of choice”, so why not playing more with that?
Creating this kind of interactivity through the wheel was a way to underline it.
‪then thew slogan was born on its own‬!

Designed by: Alice Donadoni
  • by Smitty
    March 17, 2011

    The card should be a double thickness with the wheel sandwiched between. Also, use a rivet instead of the foldy clip thing. That will keep it flatter and make it slide in and out of a stack/holder more easily. …Or, use a triple thickness with the wheel die cut out of the middle layer. Then, you won’t need an “axle” at all.

  • March 22, 2011

    Thank you Smitty for the suggestions.
    As I told it was just a prototype, I just wanted to give a shape to my idea and the tools I had in hand weren’t the best ones.
    Hope you’ll appreciate the concept despite all.


  • by Smitty
    March 29, 2011

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great concept! I love the idea of an interactive business card. Since you want them to want to keep it after the initial interaction, being able to put in in a card file or wallet helps that.

  • March 31, 2011

    Alice Donadoni,

    I think you have designed wonderful business card,

    Its decent business card design,

    I Appreciate your work .

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