Business Card for: Jez Owen

I wanted to create something that was very personal but also displayed my INTEREST in integrated communications and unusual formats. I also needed a calling card that combined my work as both a graphic designer and a producer of editorial content.


I’d had an idea floating around to do a piece of work based on a melding of 2001 and Twin Peaks. I’m not sure where the idea came from other than I am a massive enthusiast for both and I was intrigued by the graphic possibilities that such a mash-up might provide.


The result was this combination of the ‘Red Room’ set from ‘Twin Peaks’ and the Monolith from ‘2001.’ The front design included a URL to drive recipients to a special blog on the inspiration behind the work to display my writing skills while the reverse side displayed my contact details and instructions on how to convert the card.

Designed by: Jez Owen

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