Business Card for: Jiki

Metal steel business cards and metal aluminium business cards for Jiki
Jiki, our partner “Jiki Communication and Marketing” was searching a business cards for another their activity: design and creation of freak bags. So, they needed a business cards but not only, they needed also a label for the bags! They wanted a double use x business cards, because in this time of crisis…. It is better to buy 2 but to pay 1! So we created this: a flower business cards, label for bags!

Designed by: Pinkograf
  • January 28, 2011

    What a brilliant idea. Not only have you created something beautiful but the double use is very boutique. I collect well designed labels so having it as a business card too would be even better. Very professional. Is the reverse the same?

  • January 28, 2011

    Hi Kelly, thanks for compliments!
    Behind there is only pure stainless steel. Without graphic. Why? Because the steel is very nice also natural (if the customer does not need other data in the back, obviously!).
    We have realized other metal business cards for Jiki; just simple business cards, very very nice! Jiki has also transparent business cards, on clear PVC. And soon I’ll post here some photos of them!

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