Business Card for: John McKenna

John McKenna ( is an illustrator with a huge handlebar mustache. I wanted to incorporate his illustration, and also his iconic facial hair, so I included a drawing he made of his mustache on the front of the card. I wanted to make it skinnier than a traditional business card, to match the shape of the mustache and to make it more interactive (so recipients could hold up the card and give themselves a mustache too!)


I printed the cards myself on an antique Chandler & Price Platen press, with the gracious help of Olivia from Olive-Route Press in Berkeley (


The cards are printed on 300g Cranes Lettra paper.


Please pull from my Behance site, and let me know if you need any others.


The production cost about $300 for 200 cards (with a lot of help from my mentor Olivia at Olive-Route, who donated press time, ink and paper to me).

Designed by: Stephanie Laursen

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