Business Card for: Kavat

About Kavat (the client)


Kavat is a small event bureau from Sweden with a big heart that beats extra hard for the physical meeting between human beings and creative marketing through experiences. Kavat working with exhibitions, conferences, kick-offs, marketing and staff events. Grebban got the mission to create visual identity, logotype and webpage for the company Kavat. Kavat came to us with goal of ”feeling of a more professional image”. The result is an identity with feeling of honesty and elegance, in a modern package. A color palette that breaths creativity, energy and reflects Kavats different work areas.


About the design for business cards


Since the logo is placed on a white circle space, we wanted to get this feeling even when it was printed on white paper. Therefore we came up with the idea of engraving so the circle was pushed down a bit and with the logo standing out. After that the whole logo and white circle was foiled in transparent foil to get that shiny feel against the matte paper.


86 mm x 54 mm


440g Scandia 2000 white

Designed by: GREBBAN

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