Business Card for: Kirsty Whyte

I have now re-branded from Purewhyte to my name Kirsty Whyte, I developed this with my friend Lewis Wright who is a graphic designer . The first stage was the Logo that I wanted to reflect my love of colour as well as simple pure lines. For a lot of my designs I sketch them and then model them from paper, folding shapes by hand, and I wanted the sense of layers and folds to come across in the Logo.


I want my business cards to have two uses; firstly for people to see my details clearly, but secondly for them to remember the design that made them ask for a card. At design fairs and networking events, it is so easy to accumulate a pocket of plane faceless cards at the end of the evening, it is sometimes hard to remember who’s is who’s.
The number 2 on the card is to symbolized how many designs have been licensed by companies, the Drew was the 2nd.


For each product I’ve launched there is a card, most recently was the Drew table for Modus at the Milan furniture fair, so the Drew table is the design that features on the card. The simple white outline of the product is something I try to use though all my branding and emails.


The first batch were actually printed very quickly at a printers around the corner from where I live. Ideally for the next ones I would like a thicker with card, with matt printing.


Super cheep 1000 for £120

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