Business Card for: KONTUR design

This business card was designed by Ida Westerberg - a graphic designer based in the north of Sweden. She works as a freelancer with branding, illustration and advertising. She also loves to create her own patterns and prints.


This is the Business Card for my own company, “KONTUR design”. I wanted to create a well thought-throught business card that reflects my creativity. Because I like packaging design, I decided to wrap it in a fitting holder, and I used special paper with texture.
The flower is graphic and used like a seal. It can also symbolize a shutter to relate to photography-part of my business. The blue color stands for seriousness. The one who receives the card should feel that this is something more than the ordinary, become curious and want to show it to others. I often get very positive reactions when I give away the card, and I think the first impression is important in convincing the client.

Designed by: Ida Westerberg

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