Business Card for: Liam Ward

These business cards are the first step towards my own personal re-branding. I am a member of a communal print space and artist gallery in Richmond, VA called Studio Two Three. I use these facilities to silk-screen posters, t-shirts and other print projects including these business cards. They were printed by hand on French Paper using opaque, metallic inks. Orange has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. I decided that it should be the staple of my branding system. The tiger image on the back was inspired by a wood-block carving I came across in the letterpress studio at the Visual Arts Center in Richmond. I liked the mark so much that I rendered my own version and adopted it as my own personal mark. It just seemed to fit my personality and energy. Total cost for this project was about $60 USD. This includes the price of substrate, inks, and a rough estimate of total materials used in the silk-screen process. All-and-all, I believe that I couldn’t have gotten a better result by going to any professional printing facility. The personal satisfaction I got by doing this by hand is priceless.

Designed by: Liam Ward

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