Business Card for: Lopes Brenna Architetti

Like architecture these laser-cut business cards, blend/ react differently according to the surroundings.


Extensive testing was crucial, different papers act differently on different laser machines, the power of the laser beam also played a major role on the final result. So if your planning some laser cut, always spare some time to try everything out first!


Print Credits: Molográfica - Offset print, Miralonge - Laser cut
Type Credits: DIN Bold, DIN Regular, Custom Dot Type, FEB Design


Quantity Produced: 500
Production Cost: € 260 (US$345)
Production Time: 2 week
Print Methods: Offset print - one color, Laser cut
Paper: Plike Black, 330g



Designed by: FIBA Design - Miguel Batista
FEB Design - Marta Fragata

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