Business Card for: Luis Espinosa

This card was inspired in the vintage 80’s, I love the 80’s!!, the music, the colors and the pixels!


The front side of the card represents my appearance as an 8bit character, like NES or SNES, and the back side contains my name in a 80’s vintage video game environment. I really like the versatility of the 80’s logos that you can use a strong pink and then a light green and still looks so cool and rad! so i made a selection of colors so it can look like miami vice style. I love that logo. =)


Printed in a local Printing house based here in Mexico called “Graforey” I dont know why this store is closed now, its a shame =(


It was a serigraphy print, and material was couche mate 250g with a protection layer
I only printed 200 cards so the production was about 40 dlls aprox

Designed by: Luis Espinosa

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