Business Card for: Luke Lucas

With the development of my new script based logo I decided I wanted to update my business cards using production techniques that would showcase the detail in the script. The logo was letter pressed into 600gsm Lettra cotton stock using phosphorescent ink so that in regular light it appears to a simple debossing but when the lights dim the logo illuminates in a bright green . For the details on the reverse of the card I designed a stamp featuring a slogan “Got Type” and my contact information which I stamp by hand.


I’ve wanted an excuse to use phosphorescent ink for quite some time now and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. It’s hard to go past letterpress when you want your cards to have a nice tactile feel.


The letterpress was printed at The Hungry Workshop, Northcote, VIC Australia. The ink stamp was produced by Adams Rubber Stamp Co. and the reverse of the cards were stamped by hand by me.


Crane Lettra 600gsm Pearl White
Phosphorescent Ink
Versafine ink


Production costs
Paper and Letterpress Printing – $924
Stamp production – $46
Versafine Ink Pad $14

Designed by: Luke Lucas

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