Business Card for: Maestro Productions

I designed these cards for a local Toronto composer. He was looking for something that was contemporary and reflected his musical style. I used the beginning of a music staff in the background of the card to capture musical aspect of the clients business. I used a Spot UV coating on the staff to make it pop even though it was black on black. You don’t notice it too much until you tilt the card in the light.


I also created the logo on the front of the card. As you could probably tell, I love minimalist design. I like to embrace the “white space” and let everything breathe.


The cards were printed in Hong Kong at Print100
The cost was $40 for 250
U.S. Standard - 89 x 51 mm (3.5″ x 2″)
250gsm Stock Card (although I think its thicker now)
(FREE Double Side Matt Lamination)
Spot UV coating

Designed by: Wade Michael Dupey

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